The Perfect Earplug for the Gun Range


Shooting Ear Plug

Anyone who has been within earshot of a firearm – whether it is a handgun or a rifle – understands how incredibly powerful and loud these weapons can be. On the range or on a hunt, guns pack quite a punch, and if you don’t have proper ear protection you can be left vulnerable to ear-piercing sound. It is therefore in your best interest to take the necessary precautions whenever you or someone near you is handling a firearm. Working on your accuracy shouldn’t result in damage to your hearing, which is why we at Mighty Plugs have developed a moldable, customizable ear plug that is both comfortable and effective.

Recommended Ear Plugs

Our earplugs come recommended with a 5-star rating by Trustpilot, a worldwide unbiased independent rating and review service. We designed them to block out sound and allow you to engage in activities free of worry. The earplugs we carry are designed to help musicians, construction workers, and yes even gun-wielding marksman. So, the next time you hit the gun range, make sure your ears are protected with the best: Mighty Plugs.













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