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Ear Plugs to Keep the Sound Out

Researchers in New York and Virginia University have developed a new therapy that is designed to treat Tinnitus. Ultraquiet therapy works by reprogramming the nerve cells to get them working properly by exposing them to high-frequency vibrations. The breakthrough is particularly encouraging for the one in ten people who suffer from tinnitus – a sound sensation in the ear that usually manifests itself as a hissing, whooshing, or ringing noise. Tinnitus has been linked to hearing loss, although not in all cases.

The underlying current beneath this is that in many ways Tinnitus is a preventable ailment. With the help of Mighty Plugs, your ears are protected from the most harmful frequencies. Wearing Mighty Plugs near machinery, at concerts, at monster truck events, and auto speedways helps to keep your ears free from harm.

Hope For the Future

For those who do not suffer from Tinnitus, moldable, sealing ear plugs are the best way to keep sound out and protect your ears from harm. To learn more about what makes Mighty Plugs so special, visit us online or you can even order by phone: 1-800-226-1884.  If you are a tinnitus sufferer; then visit our website or us now!!!! We look forward to helping you or speaking with you!

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