Ear Protection for the Boys in Blue

Stephanie and Mark

Earplugs for All Occasions

Police men and women are constantly in harm’s way. Danger can come from any angle, and damage can be inflicted upon them even when they least expect of it. One such example of damage is ear damage – particularly in relation to the use of firearms. With their close proximity to their gun, our uniformed friends are vulnerable to the loud discharge of the weapon. The problem though is that police have to be alert at all times, and cannot enjoy the luxury of headphones like they would on a gun range. That need for full attention at times requires a protection for their ears that won’t inhibit their ability to be fully present. We at Mighty Plugs are proud to present an invaluable solution to this problem.

Protecting the Ears of Those That Protect Us

Our soft, moldable ear plugs are perfectly engineered to help police men and women do their job while also protecting their ears. We are happy to carry top-of-the-line ear plugs that are waterproof and usable 30-40 times before replacement! To learn more about our fabulous line of ear plugs, visit us online at earplugsonline.com  or call us at 1-800-226-1884. Discover how our ear plugs can help you perform your job and avoid the risk of permanent ear damage at the same time!

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