Mighty Plugs: The Snoring Solution

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Best Earplugs for Snoring

One of the most oft-overlooked elements of our health is something we spend one-third of our lives doing. Sleep: It is an essential part of our health, whether we are trying to remember information for our final exam in the morning, lose weight, or simply wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the new day.… Read the rest

Teens and Hearing Loss: The Scary Facts You Need to Know



A Problem That Only Appears to be Getting Worse

When people talk about earplugs, most of the attention seems to go to adults. Grownups, shooting, swimming, driving, or even sleeping…everyone can use a pair. And yet, the one group who desperately needs them frequently go without.… Read the rest

The Perfect Earplug for the Gun Range


Shooting Ear Plug

Anyone who has been within earshot of a firearm – whether it is a handgun or a rifle – understands how incredibly powerful and loud these weapons can be. On the range or on a hunt, guns pack quite a punch, and if you don’t have proper ear protection you can be left vulnerable to ear-piercing sound.… Read the rest

Get the Job Done With Mighty Plugs



Earplugs for Landscaping

As the spring weather permeates the country, homeowners and landscaping experts alike are putting their efforts towards beautifying their lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubbery. While the frost melts away and the last few cold days make way for warmer temperatures, the time is ripe for lawn and garden services.… Read the rest

A Motorcyclists’ Dream: Block the Wind


Quality Ear Protection for Motorcycle Riders

The arrival of the sunny days of spring means more hours to get out there and ride, and for motorcyclists across the country – they couldn’t come quickly enough. Whether you prefer to ride solo or team up with your favorite group for a weekend ride, to say the wind that whips past your ears is an annoyance would be an understatement. … Read the rest

Keys to a Better Night’s Sleep


A Widespread Problem

In an age where new trends in exercise and nutrition arrive on a regular basis, the one constant that all health-conscious Americans can agree upon is the importance of sleep. Even though sleep is so crucial to muscle development, and restorative sleep helps us feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle each new day – most American citizens simply do not take their sleep seriously.… Read the rest

Enjoy Music Pain Free


A Concert Goers Best Friend

As we creep ever closer to the summer concert season across the country, music lovers everywhere are planning trips, buying tickets, and making arrangements to have the time of their lives. Outdoor concerts, while extremely fun, have a host of challenges associated with them, from the blazing sun, to the cold temperatures when the sun finally sets.… Read the rest