Begin The New Year Right: Sleep Better, Hear Better, Live Better

Olivia Wilde

Earplugs for Snoring and Much More

As 2015 nears its end and we prepare ourselves to usher in 2016, many of us aspire to great New Year’s resolutions. From losing weight, to spending more time with loved ones, to getting that promotion we’ve been angling for – January 1st is a date that many folks have circled on their calendar as a day that things will change.… Read the rest

Don’t Let Snoring Ruin Your Honeymoon


Best Earplugs for Snoring

Ahh honeymoons. They are some of the most blissful days you will spend with your spouse. 7-10 days or more, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are enjoying a mountain cabin or tanning on a sun-soaked beach – honeymoons represent some of the finest days of a marriage.… Read the rest

Mighty Plugs: The Snoring Solution

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Best Earplugs for Snoring

One of the most oft-overlooked elements of our health is something we spend one-third of our lives doing. Sleep: It is an essential part of our health, whether we are trying to remember information for our final exam in the morning, lose weight, or simply wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the new day.… Read the rest