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Travel Pack

Travel Pack
$12.95 Regularly $14.95

5 Star Rating

Add to Cart Each Travel Pack includes 4 ear plugs

The Travel Pack:  The experienced traveler has a spare pair !!!

Blended from Beeswax, Cotton & Lanolin;  this advanced malleable ear plug ( forms ) to your ear canal each time as your inserting it,  to create your own  Perfect Custom Fit.

With the Travel Pack order you will receive: Two Pairs of:

  • The World's Finest "Professional Quality" Ear Plugs!
  • The ( Most Effective ) SOUND BLOCKING ear plugs on the planet!
  • The (Most Total Sealing) ear plugs ever produced. Water Cannot Enter!
  • The best value in (reusable) ear plugs!  Wear each pair 30-40 times!
  • Very reasonable low cost shipping charge
  • A 100% ( No Risk-Money Back ) Satisfaction Guarantee!

Product Reviews

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  • The BEST So Far that I have tried

    I have tried many different ear plugs from expensive to very inexpensive. These are by far the best!!!!. Comfortable and didn't fall out. I cut them down a little since I have small ear canals and they worked just fine. -

    Chris--United States

  • Work Exceptionally Well

    I really liked these ear plugs. I bought them for international travel, but have not actually used them for that, as I haven't gone yet. Instead, I used them whilst cutting wood with a tractor and a wood saw. They were great. Yes, I could still hear the saw, but it was subdued to only barely background noise. Normal foam earplugs always take ages to get in right, and I don't feel they cover the sound well; and then they inevitably pop out. Not so these ones. Once they were in, they were in! -

    Karen R. Australia

  • The Word's Finest Earplugs are truly the best!

    I've been using The World's Finest Earplugs every night for the last 9 years. (They are the only way I can sleep.) They are extremely comfortable, good quality and I have been very happy with the shipping and service. I continue to recommend these to anyone who needs earplugs. Don't bother with anything else; they are the only ones worth using! -

    Renee Miller--United States

  • Great service, fast shipping

    I am a very light sleeper and was really hoping these earplugs would drown out snoring, traffic noise etc.....Wow, I'm so grateful--They did it all!!!!!! -


  • No probs, great product & great service!

    No probs, great product & great service! -

    Mathew Etchel--Australia

  • wonderful earplugs!!!

    I love how they mould perfectly to my ears and stay in and provide a density of quietness unmatched by all the different foam earplugs I've tried over the years. -

    Phyllis Hawking--Australia

  • A Wonderful Product!

    Thank you for a wonderful product! I recommend your product often, to my friends. -

    Mrs. Apple - United States

  • Best earplugs on the market in my opinion!

    I have order and used these earplugs over the past 5 years and have always been happy with the product and the service I have received. -

    E Scott - Canada

  • They really work well to keep my EARS dry.

    These are so much easier than going to the doctor for an ear infection. I hate antibiotics. -

    Larry - United States

  • The best earplugs I've ever used!

    After one night of using them, I was sold!!! They do not hurt my ears or make them sore the next day, and they do the best job of blocking out noise I've ever experienced. They're WELL WORTH IT-

    Sharon Harrel-- United States

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