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Mighty Plugs


* VALUE * Pack

* VALUE * Pack
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5 Star Rating

Add to Cart Each * VALUE * Pack includes 24 ear plugs

The (( VALUE )) Pack:

Blended from Pure Beeswax, Sterile Cotton & Pure Lanolin;  this advanced moldable ear plug (forms to ) your own ear canal each time as you insert it;  to create your own Perfect Custom Fit. Perfect for sleeping, working, swimming & shooting & more.

Mighty Plugs are the highest rated earplugs for blocking-out sound and for sealing-out water. Whether one has small or large ears, they're perfect for all ages, ( infants to adults ). Being (soft & moldable), upon insertion, they easily form to fit everyone's individual ear canal.

With your order you will receive: Twelve Pairs of:

  • The ( Most Effective ) SOUND BLOCKING ear plugs in the world!
  • The ( Most Total Sealing ) ear plugs in the world. Water Cannot Enter!
  • The Best Value in (reusable) ear plugs. Wear ea. pair 35 times & more!
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Product Reviews

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  • I can say it in one word... GREAT!

    I highly recommend them. They keep 99 percent plus sound out. -

    Wesley Fox--USA

  • Best earplugs ever!

    If the foam earplugs you buy over the counter aren't working for you, then you should try these earplugs. Two advantages: 1. They block out a lot of noise, and 2. They stay in your ears. The only downsides to these plugs are that sometimes they block out too much noise (my wife can't talk to me unless she shouts). -

    Howard Joseph-USA

  • Comfortable and Strong!

    I've used these earplugs for years, nearly every night, to drown out my wife's snoring. They are the most comfortable I've tried. They mould well to my ears and do not cause any feeling of pressure. I hope the company continues to make them as long as I live! So very grateful !!!!! -

    Roger--United Kingdom

  • Great product, Great service!!!

    Very good product & good company!!! I would surely recommend! -

    James Walsh--Australia

  • Sleep comes much easier when using the "World's Finest" Mighty Plugs !!

    I am a very light speaker and have to travel extensively for business. Since I have found the World's Finest Ear Plug, I have a deeper nights sleep while traveling. This is extremely important for me especially when traveling to different time zones and something I was unable to do before using the plugs. I have recommended them to all of my friends and family. Nothing else blocks out the noise like these plugs or is as comfortable!! -


  • I read the reviews before I purchased & they were 100% correct. WOW! These really work!!

    We used these on vacation when we shared space in a 28' RV with another couple. Anyone could move around freely and we could barely hear any loud noise. They saved the day! -


  • Easy-to-carry, easy-to-wear, and obviously more effective than regular foam plugs!

    Up until I got these earplugs, I'd been going with the standard-issue foam plugs, and was really eager for a change. You know how you can sometimes "mess up" putting in your foam earplugs? Not with these guys! After just a little kneading, push em in, let em seal and WOW. They WORK! -

    Katherine--New Zealand

  • Money well spent.

    The earplugs work very well. I never have to sleep on the couch anymore to avoid my husband's snoring whereas before it was pretty much every night. My sleep is definitely better now. Thank you. -


  • World's Finest Earplugs can save your marriage - and make you late for work!!

    These earplugs allow me to sleep in the same bed as my husband. He is loud enough to scare wildlife OUTSIDE, these ear plugs are very very good. They work so well that sometimes I do not hear my alarm in the morning! -

    B.W.--United States

  • This product works in the motorcycle world ! BEST product I have found!!!

    I have been wearing this product for over 5 years and found it and the company to be first rate. The product works great. I would not think of riding without it. -

    Gunter ludwigsonmer--Germany

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Upon Insertion:
(Soft & Moldable) Mighty Plugs
{ Form }

to each individual's ear canal


Outstanding *Value*
Wear Each Pair (35-40) Times

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