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Moldable Beeswax blocks out by (forming-to) & (sealing) the individual's own ear canal upon insertion.

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  • Highest Rated NRR 34
    Greatest Amount of (Sound Blockage)
  • Gentle & Comfortable
    For Wearing 'All Day'  or  'All Night'
  • Blocks Out (All) Snoring
    Barking Dogs & Loudest Machinery

REUSABLE: With (35-45) wearings per pair, and (Free Shipping) Worldwide; Mighty Plugs are
Easily The "Best Value" of any ear plugs in the world today!!!
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* Daily * Testimonials

WOW, they are superb, with almost total sound blockout

"They arrived yesterday to us in Australia, couldn’t wait to open the package and tried them straight away. WOW!, they are superb - the best I have ever fitted, with almost total sound blockout. Sure beats all of those foam products!! Thank you so much for such an effective, genuine product."

FROMGeoff & Carolyn Shaw - Australia - May 25, 2019

Wow !!!  Your Beeswax Earplugs Blocked Out EVERYTHING

" I have used every earplug available and none worked like these..A friend gave me a pair since I would be traveling and rooming with a snorer for 3 weeks..Didn’t trust that they would work, but they absolutely did.. WOW !!! THEY BLOCKED OUT EVERYTHING. Finally an earplug that does what it says it will do!!!!"

FROMMargaret Leon - USA & Italy -  May 24, 2019

Snoring Blocked-Out - " You Truly Have Saved My Marriage"

" I am a newlywed, and my husband snores horribly.. I’ve tried everthing to block out his snoring so I could sleep in the same room. I’ve tried a noise machine, nose strips for him, sleeping medication for me and a endless variety of over-the-counter earplugs that never fit, never block out sound and are terribly irritating to wear. Nothing worked & every morning I would wake up in the spare bedroom. I can’t tell you enough, how happy I am with the World’s Finest Mighty Ear Plugs. I am pleased to say that I no longer hear him. You truly have saved my marriage. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you "

FROMMendy Adams - USA -  May 24, 2019

"I Have Tubes In My Ears - These Are The BEST Earplugs"

"I have tubes in my ears and am subject to infection and frequent bouts of vertigo, so I have to be very careful. I've tried a number of different types, but these are the first ones I have tried that both stay in place and KEEP OUT (every drop of water). I am so glad I found them! Thank You so so much"

FROMJoyce Crisp - Australia - May 23, 2019

Absolute Total Silence

" I just wanted to send an e-mail about your ear plugs that I purchased a couple of months ago. Wow, I don’t say this lightly as I have tried all sorts of other ear plugs in my lifetime. Yours are BY FAR THE BEST and they give TOTAL, and I mean TOTAL NOISE REDUCTION. We’ve had problems with our neighbors having loud parties. It used to drive my wife and I insane. Last night they had another loud party, but the best part was when we put the plugs in. ABSOLUTE TOTAL SILENCE! Thanks again, for a truly great product. "

FROMDarryl Howse - New Zealand - May 23, 2019

For Blocking Out The Bass - Yours Is The Best!

" Hi, I would like to thank God for leading me to find your magnificent earplugs. It seems that I’m a magnet for bass thumping noisy neighbors. I moved out from my previous apartment because my neighbor always had drunken parties and loud bass music. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2-3am in the morning. I was going nearly insane. I’ve even tried other earplugs, the expensive ones, the cheap ones. Nothing seemed to drown the bass. However, your earplugs have saved my life, literally. Now I can sleep on my time & not according to those inconsiderate neighbors. All the Best. "

FROMEBY Ziad - Netherlands - May 23, 2019

I ride a Harley & wear your magnificent ear plugs

" I absolutely love your ear plugs. I ride a Harley and I won’t use anything else "

FROMClaude Mathis - USA - May 22, 2019

A swimmer for 30 years

" B.P., THANK YOU!!!! I am a swimmer and have been for 30 years. I have suffered through swimmer’s ear numerous times; sometimes with considerable pain. Your ear plugs are a wonder! With all the hype that surrounds most products, one becomes numb to most claims, but you indeed make the best (most total sealing) ear plugs in the world , and I THANK YOU. "

FROMPeter Bice - USA - May 22, 2019

Complete Silence

" I underestimated the effectiveness of your ear plugs!! I thought that the best they would do is muffle sounds. I put them in to sleep and then everything grew quiet around me. What happened to my room-mates? This can’t be that good?..and then after a couple of nights I realized that the silence was a result of the earplugs. Silence and Peace at last. Thank you so much for this wonderful lifesaver of a product ! "

FROMAJ Pune - India -  May 21, 2019

I’m so grateful to whoever that come up with this product, God bless you!

" Your ear plugs are indeed life saver! They are so effective in blocking out snoring from my husband. I’ve been suffering from inconvenience for past 7 years where I’ve to move to another bedroom due to loud snoring in the middle of the night. Thanks to your mighty ear plugs, I’m able to sleep with him thru out the night without having to change room! This is amazing. I’m so grateful to whoever that come up with this product, God bless you!"

FROMPauline - Singapore -   May 21, 2019

Snoring Blocked-Out "Downunder"--Too good to be true!

" Hello: I am writing from Sydney Australia to tell you that your earplugs are the very best on the market. I am able to get rest while staying in the same room with my husband who is a very heavy snorer. The ear plug is particularly comfortable and at the end of a good night’s sleep, my ear canal and surrounding area feel terrific, not sweaty (as some products which I have tried) . Their comfy to wear during sleep and never "pop" out. It's almost too good to be true! Thank you & best regards "

FROMChex from Oz - Australia -  May 20, 2019

From musician-Berton Averre of the band "The Knack" - "I wear them every show"

" As lead guitarist for The Knack, I’ve had my ears assaulted by ringing cymbals, squalling monitors, and yes, my own amp for thirty years now. I didn’t want the tinnitus to get any worse, and I committed myself to finding an ear plug that blocked out the maximum harmful DBs. These wonderful blue ear plugs are it. I wear them gratefully every show, and when I take them out afterwards, my ears don’t feel any worse for wear. People using high tech in ear monitors are putting alot of sound right into their eardrums. If your number one priority is to perform well & protect your hearing, then this is the way to go. Most Sincerely "

FROMBerton Averre of the Knack - USA -  May 19, 2019

From musician- "Billy Goodman - played with Jefferson Starship, Electric Hot Tuna, and the Dave Mason Band.

" Dear folks at Beneficial Products, I’m getting ready to go out on tour again and I realized I didn’t have a stock of your super ear plugs on hand. I just couldn’t survive nightly on stage or get a good nights sleep on the tour bus without them. I’m spreading the gospel of your "World’s Finest" Mighty Plugs wherever I go & to all the bands that I work with. They’re the best! "

FROMBilly Goodman - USA - Gigging The World - May 19, 2019

Was skeptical they would work, but boy was I surprised!

"Just ordered my second box of these. Have noisy neighbours who like to play a TV very loud all night in bedroom below mine. I tried and failed with foam earplugs. Shopped around and found Mighty Plugs. Was skeptical they would work, but boy was I surprised. They are absolutely brilliant!! They're so easy to use, and as a side sleeper, so comfortable too. At last!! I can finally get some sleep. What a brilliant product. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Thank you Thank you Thank you once again."

FROMMariann Cameron - Scotland - May 19, 2019

WOW! I cannot believe what a huge difference they made!

" I agree with all the others who say that these ear plugs have made such a difference in their lives. My husband’s snoring has literally had us in separate bedrooms for the past 4 years. I had tried everything and dreaded vacations where we would have to sleep in the same room with nowhere for me to escape. I ordered your ear plugs as a last resort. I really cannot believe what a difference they have made! I can sleep with both my husband and my pug, (who snores almost as much as my husband), and I don’t hear them. We just came back from a vacation in a small hotel room for 3 nights and I GOT GREAT SLEEP EVERY NIGHT!  Wow! I am so grateful!!!! Thanks so much. "

FROMBeth DiMaggio - USA -  May 19, 2019

These AMAZING Ear Plugs drowned out much of the world

" Our quest for peace and quiet led us to a Web site advertising: " World’s Finest Ear Plugs Block-Out Snoring." These are not the usual foam plugs. They look like small blue pieces of modeling clay, which you knead between your fingers and then push into your ears. Wow!!! These amazing ear plugs managed to drown out much of the world "~~~

FROMWall Street Journal - August  2004

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