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Mighty Plugs

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* Mighty Plugs *

Ultra-High Blocking ( REUSABLE ) Industrial Ear Plugs

( SEALS ) The Ear     &     Blocks Out ( MORE ) Sound

( Stays-In Securely )     &     Requires ( NO ) Chord

Do You Care About  (( Your ))  Hearing?

Do you Care About  (( Your Employee's ))  Hearing?

If You Care       Then ( Always ) Wear Mighty Plugs.      You'll " Be Grateful " You Did!!

* Daily Testimonials Below *


  • Especially Comfortable
    Wear them "All Day" or "ALL Night"
  • Highest RATED NRR 34
    Blocks Out The Loudest Machinery
  • Perfect Custom Fit
    Upon Insertion, They Form To The Ear
  • Prevents TINITUS
    They Block Out LOUDEST  Machinery!
  • Reusable Over & Over
     Best Value ! Wear ( 35 ) Times & More
  • * Free * Shipping
    On ' Most ' Orders -- (( Worldwide ))!

Mighty Plugs are the HIGHEST SOUND BLOCKING malleable ear plugs In The World; excellent for blocking out (ALL) loud sounds. With ultra-high sound blocking, 35 & more wearings per pair, and a (FREE Shipping Worldwide) for Most Orders; we're honored to provide these exceptional ear plugs. Made from Pure Beeswax; they provide "phenomenal" sound blocking, "gentle comfort" & Excellent Hearing Protection.

Recent Testimonials

Construction & Heavy Equipment

"Hey World's Finest Ear Plug people. You guys made a winner. I'm in construction and after listening to this compressor all day, my ears were starting to ring like tinitus. It was driving me nuts. At first I wasn't sure, I wanted to try them first to see if they would work, so I got your 2-pair pack. I like the way they seal and stay in the ear. Hey, they really block out alot of sound. Just wanted to tell you, my hear- ing is back and the ringing stopped! I now got your Bulk Pack. Works for me. Thanks a whole lot."

FROMBud Burrell - USA - December 8, 2018

Monster Truck Fan

"BPI-I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to ensure that I received my ear plug order timely! We used them during the Monster Jam performance and they worked great! I really couldn't believe the difference! I was very very pleased with your product."

FROMLaura Whiteman - USA - December 7, 2018