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Mighty Plugs

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Finest  (Sound Blocking)  Ear Protection

( Reusable) Industrial Ear Plugs

Requires ( NO ) Chord

Do You Care About  ( Your )  Hearing?

Do You Care About  ( Your Employee's )  Hearing?

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Plus  * Free Shipping *   for  Orders  $20 to $100

  • Especially Comfortable
    Wear them "All Day" or "ALL Night"
  • Highest RATED NRR 34
    Blocks Out The Loudest Machinery
  • Prevents TINITUS
    Upon Insertion, They Form To The Ear

Made from Pure Beeswax, Mighty Plugs are the HIGHEST SOUND BLOCKING moldable ear plugs In The World!! With (35 to 40) wearings per pair, & (FREE SHIPPING) Worldwide, they are "By Far" the BEST "VALUE" of any ear plug made today. "Phenomenal" sound blocking, "gentle comfort" and EXCELLENT HEARING PROTECTION !

Recent Testimonials

Construction & Heavy Equipment

"Hey World's Finest Ear Plug people. You guys made a winner. I'm in construction and after listening to this compressor all day, my ears were starting to ring like tinitus. It was driving me nuts. At first I wasn't sure, I wanted to try them first to see if they would work, so I got your 2-pair pack. I like the way they seal and stay in the ear. Hey, they really block out alot of sound. Just wanted to tell you, my hear- ing is back and the ringing stopped! I now got your Bulk Pack. Works for me. Thanks a whole lot."

FROMBud Burrell - USA - May 23, 2019

Blocked Out the "Loud" Generator plus the booming foot traffic upstairs & I got my sleep back

"Mighty Plugs worked! I have been wearing them every night for the past three weeks. I have upstairs neighbors that stomp around like Frankensteins, and they would wake me up with their booming foot traffic plus; one evening a plumbing truck parked outside & ran their very loud generator all night long. It was still running loudly when I awoke the next morning, but I didn’t hear it all that night and slept soundly. I feel like I got my sleep back! I have tried every earplug and not one worked. THESE WORK!!!!!!! One of the best products ever!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!"

FROMCarla - CANADA & USA - May 21, 2019

Monster Truck Fan

"BPI-I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to ensure that I received my ear plug order timely! We used them during the Monster Jam performance and they worked great! I really couldn't believe the difference! I was very very pleased with your product."

FROMLaura Whiteman - USA - May 21, 2019

*Mighty's (Once A Year)*     *SPRING SALE*    *IS ON NOW*

Plus  * Free Shipping *   for  Orders  $20 to $100