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Product Guarantee/Shipping Policy:

We at Beneficial Products are keenly aware of the need for the customer's trust and comfort in E-commerce and mail order purchases. All of us here believe in, and do our best to practice the "Golden Rule": "Do unto others as we would have others do unto us". . . . We value & appreciate your trust & your satisfaction with our product.

      • Customers Satisfaction Guarantee: Customers may return, within 30 days (from the date of purchase), the COMPLETE PACK, with all the
        (used and unused) ear plugs in its plastic box, along with any extra plastic boxes that may have come with the order. Customers will have
        a choice of receiving a "Free Replacement" or "Full Refund". Shipping & Handling charges (if any), are non-refundable. Incomplete returned
        packs will be charged $ 7.95 for each pair not returned. Customers are responsible for all mailing containers & postage when returning orders.
      • ALL Returns (requesting refunds) require an (RMA#), (return merchandise authorization number). Customers must e-mail us at:  to request & receive an RMA #. Please include your reason for wanting to return your order. RMA numbers
        will not be assigned to customers by phone. Unauthorized returns (without an RMA#) will be assessed a $ 4.95 special handling charge.
      • Claims of Non-Receipt:   As per Federal Postal Laws; all customer charges will remain in effect for (ALL) deliveries with tracking numbers,
        whereby the (exact time) and (date) of delivery were recorded by the postman; as well as (verified and documented) by the local post office.
        The reporting of mail theft to the police and postal service is the responsibility of the customer. We do not reship via the postal service, to
        addresses where deliveries had been tracked and recorded & to all other addresses where claims of non-receipt of product have been made. In
        most instances, we will only re-ship through the courier Fed-Ex, & (In the interest of Goodwill) the company will pay 1/3rd of the shipping cost.
      • Priority Mail & other postal service shipping travel time, is not guaranteed by the Post Office or by Beneficial Products.
      • Accuracy is the Customer's Responsibility : The customer is (completely responsible) when placing their orders online, for entering the
        correct name,  ] the [ correct & complete delivery address ], being at the address to accept the shipment or making provisions for the
        shipment to be delivered or picked-up in their absence.
        All orders  that are ( LOST ) or returned to us  by the post office or Fed-Ex because of:    1.  Incomplete or incorrect address   2.  Addressee
        unknown3. Moved with no forwarding address  4. Business or Company name missing,  5. Suite # or Apt. # missing  6. Incorrect zip/postal code
        7. Unclaimed mail  and  8. "Return To Sender" stamp; (( will be charged a $ 4.95 (Return to Stock) fee if your order was shipped through the
        postal service )) or a (( $ 19.95 fee if your order was shipped through Fed-Ex.)) This (fee) is charged to the customer, (whether or not)
        a re-shipment is made.
        Customers will be sent an e-mail payment link for the (restocking fee).
        ( Re-shipments for orders awaiting return ) will be charged to the customer as a (new order) and refunds will only be made when the original
        order returns to the company.              
      • Faulty or Cracked Plastic Boxes damaged in transit ( are not ) guaranteed;  yet we have ( 2 provisions ) in place for them:
      • 1.  If the box or boxes are cracked or broken, and the ear plugs ( are not ) damaged;  then we will gladly replace the plastic boxes at ( no cost )
        for the boxes, but there is a small ( postal service ) postage cost that is charged to the customer before shipment.
      • 2. If the plastic box or boxes have broken (substantially), and the ear plugs ( are damaged ) with plastic bits in or on them; then we ask that
        ( you keep ) ONE (undamaged) pair to wear,  and (send back to us) via the postal service, the rest of the pack. We do not send call tags
        or prepaid shipping envelopes, yet we will refund back to you up to $ 2.95 for standard postal service postage to ship back to us. We will
        then reship you,via the postal service, a new pack at no cost to you. Please send the broken pack or packs to the following address, write "TO
        " on the outside of the envelope or mailing box; and send to:
      •  BPI---P.O. Box 3462---Ashland, Oregon 97520--- USA

Disclaimer: The responsibility of and for the use of our ear plugs is solely that of the user. BPI and their authorized distributors, disclaim any and all liability, loss or otherwise, which may occur through negligence in the use of our product; to include insertion, wearing and the removal of our product. We ask and implore our customers to use wise discretion when wearing ear plugs, as the ear plugs will reduce the outside sound significantly; especially in the case of important sirens or warnings. We include an ( Instruction Card) with each order on inserting and removing safely, plus we have a web page and link on this website; explaining how to safely "insert and remove" this fine malleable ear plug.

We ask our customers to be especially attentive when inserting & removing! Important too; we ask our customers to not reduce the size of the ear plug so much so, or insert it so deep, ( to where it is difficult to remove ). We implore our customers to not be ( too hasty ), ( careless or negligent ) when removing this malleable ear plug, as to cause the ear plug or part of it to remain lodged in the ear canal. Should these situations arise, then we recommend visiting a competent Ear, Nose and Throat Physician or Nurse Practitioner and simply having the ear canal cleaned by irrigating and vacuuming. Being all natural, the lodged ear plug is not harmful in itself, but the inability to hear clearly is more of the importance.


This Pure (Moldable) Beeswax Ear Plug
to each individual's ear canal
Outstanding *Value* (40) Wearings Per Pair

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