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"Best  SHORT  &  LONG RIDE  Ear Plugs"

RATED # 1 ( 2017 - 2018 ) in "Cycle Today"

"RATED # 1 ( 2018 ) "Motorcycle Consumer News"

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  • Especially Comfortable
    Great (Short or Long Ride) Ear Plug
  • Perfect Custom Fit!!!!
    Forms to the ear canal &  Seals it
  • Soft, Safe and Moldable
    FITS (All) EARS - Small to Extra Large
    Seals Out (All) Wind & Loud Noise
  • Great Fit Under Helmet
    Comes with handy snap close case
  • ( Best Value )( REUSABLE )
    Wear Each Pair (( 35 )) times and more!
  • Seals Out (ALL) Wind
    Allows in Important traffic Sounds
  • ( 100% SATISFACTION )
    Total ( 100% Risk Free ) Guarantee !!!!
  • Always * Free *  Shipping
    On ' Most ' Orders -- ( Worldwide )!!!!!!!!

Recent Testimonials

From> Motorcycle Consumer News

"It sounded good so I thought I’d give them a try; as normal ear plugs are a royal pain to use. I’ve had custom plugs made with limited success, yet these seem to work wonderful. Very easy to use and extremely comfortable. In addition to motorcycles, I shoot sporting clays. I’ve been using big, bulky earmuffs but I tried these out last week. If nothing else I figured between these and the earmuffs I’d have great protection. But I found that I don’t need the earmuffs now as your product works as good if not better. And so much more comfortable!"

FROMRobert R. Krull - USA - December 8, 2018.

I Ride a Harley

"I absolutely love your ear plugs. I ride a Harley and I won't use anything else."

FROMClaude Mathis - USA - December 6, 2018

Motorcycle Rider "Seals out the wind completely"

"I am reordering because your product works better than any others that I have tried. I ride a motorcycle without a windscreen or helmet. Your plugs are the only ones that I have found that can be molded in a way that seals out the wind completely, yet will allow important traffic sounds to penetrate. You should definitely consider advertising in Motorcycle magazines. Thank you."

FROMRonald Brown - USA - December 6, 2018

Motorcycle Rider No More ringing in ears

"Just a short word of thanks for supplying such a wonderful product. I was initially skeptical of buying a product from overseas, but with the relatively low price, I was willing to take a chance. Riding a motorcycle at freeway speeds created an enormous amount of wind noise around my helmet and my ears were starting to ring after long trips. Your product solved this problem nicely~~~So once again, my sincerest thanks and best wishes. Regards"

FROMTim Uidam - Australia - December 5, 2018

Motorcycle Rider "BEST Motorcycle product I have found"

"I have been wearing this product for over 5 years and found it and the company to be first rate. The product works great. I would not think of riding without it. "

FROMGunter Ludwigsonmer - Germany - December 5, 2018

Motorcycle Rider

"I have been using your ear protection for the last two years and I believe them to be the best on the market. I've tried every type available, including custom made ear plugs. Nothing does a better job than your "World's Finest Mighty Plugs"...they indeed live up to their name. I even managed to sleep under the flight path of East Midlands Airport during the British Moto GP."

FROMMarc Millar - United Kingdom (England) - December 3, 2018